Juan Campoverde Q.  is an Ecuadorian-American composer whose compositional voice and ingenuity enriches the panorama of contemporary music by creatively confronting the prevailing notions generated by Latin American musical stereotypes.

Internationally recognized soloists such as Roberto Fabbriciani and  David Nuñez, as well as ensembles such as L’Ensemble Intercontemporain (France), Ensemble SurPlus (Germany), New Music Concerts Ensemble (Toronto), Ensemble Aventure (Germany), Ensamble Quito 6 (Ecuador), NOISE (US), ICE (US), UNTREF Quartet (Argentina), Duplum (Mexico), and Fonema Consort (US) have performed his music.  His works were premiered twice at ISCM World Music Days, and has been performed by the National Symphonic Orchestra of Ecuador.

Courses in contemporary composition and 20th and 21th century music theory/analysis and composition technologies, as well as Latin American music and cultural studies are Campoverde Q.’s areas of teaching interest and expertise.

Interdisciplinary studies including music, literature, and philosophy as an undergraduate student in Ecuador are reflected in Campoverde Q’s compositional perspective. 

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