Iluminaciones - Program Notes

This piece originates as the product of a sustained reflection on the affinities that I have observed between my creative concerns and the creative concerns seen in the works of Ecuadorian artists like Estuardo Maldonado (b. 1930) and Julio Mosquera (b. 1958). Maldonado’s works on colored steel combine abstract designs that overwhelm two dimentional modes of reading, with Pre-Columbian elements, which propose a provoking reconsideration of the symbolic world that has defined our sense of identity; the words by Mosquera, some of whose drawings illuminate the actual score and parts of the piece, boldly confront our occidental conceptions of corporeality and onotological certainty. Shifting musical perspectives and the projection of musical gestures as the product of interdependent layers of activity are explored in my piece within the light offered by this line of creative affinity that I gratefully acknowledge. 

© Juan Campoverde Q. 2017