Review of huellas entre huellas, performed by Ensemble Aventure, Freiburg, September 26, 2015

“The best for last: Juan Campoverde Q.'s "huellas entre huellas…           (”traces between traces…"): a steadily bubbling rush in only vaguely developing episodes, without, as he says himself: "having to follow the damaged structures of a clear direction."  This music is made up of broken trails. However, the impressions, the traces that the ensemble itself leaves behind are not that all."

Fabian Ober, Freiburg, September 26, 2015 

Review of aires/A, performed by Christopher Adler at soundON Festival of Modern Music in La Jolla, CA by Kenneth Herman, San, June 20, 2010 

  • “Each movement of aires becomes denser, filled with increasingly rich floating clusters. Although Adler’s program notes about aires link it to the Baroque variation cycle, a helpful allusion, there is nothing neo-classical or retro about Campoverde Q. His idiom is fresh and virile, a delight to the ear and imagination.”

Review of Iluminaciones performed by New Music Concerts Ensemble, in Toronto, Canada, written by Stanley Fefferman, March 30, 2009 

  • "Juan Campoverde of Ecuador and Chicago was encouraged by Reynolds to look to other forms, mainly literature, painting and pre-Colombian patterns in pottery and textiles as continuous sources of musical content.  The sounds of his Illuminations (2007) come in bursts—swarms of winged things with the voices of oboe, cello, clarinet, piano, vibes and strings float like reflections on moving water, suggesting lines of light etched by acid on a metallic space.

Review of Torus performed by the CalArts New Century Players in the Green Umbrella Concert Series, written by Josef Woodard in Los Angeles Times, February 5, 2003

  • "Torus, by Ecuador's Juan Campoverde, was an abstruse yet fascinating quartet in which events are flung into the air, drifting slowly downward.”
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