muna - Program Notes

muna for amplified guitar and computer generated sounds


Composer: Juan Campoverde

There are two basic harmonic fields informing the sonic landscapes of muna, each defined by a specific tuning system. Within each one of these fields, there are interrelated areas of sonic concentration forming a network of harmonic/timbral configurations around what could perhaps be described as resonant spaces. Traces, sedimentations, projections, and shades inhabit these spaces.

muna comes from the interaction between its sounds and the spaces around them. This version of the piece explores the first of the two harmonic fields. From the performance point of view, muna explores regions not frequently visited by conventional guitar techniques. This approach relies on attentive listening, given the fragile quality of its sounds. This work was made possible in part with the support of the School of Music of DePaul University, and its “Summer Stipend to Support Creative and/or Scholarly Work” program. muna, the combined word of moon and luna, was named by Mateo and Emilia, to whom this work is dedicated.

© Juan Campoverde Q. 2017